1. yes completed!!
    (too grainy though, sorry)


  2. I was shocked by the fact that Robert Downey Jr. once played as Charlie Chaplin. They said that he watched every Charlie Chaplin episode to prep for the role.


  3. i don’t know what to post in this photography blog anymore.

  4. just do it 😄

  5. "here’s a tip abt meself.
    i like clouds.”

  6. Starfish!

  7. Books have the power to change you. 

  8. Taal Volcano, Philippines. The smallest volcano in the Philippines surrounded by the Taal Lake. Nice view!

  9. horseback riding, one of the very exciting things I did this summer 2014.



    What is with this weather? It will be damn hot and sunny then later on it will rain. How can you enjoy a summer like this? :(